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With mobile payments increasing in popularity, Harbortouch has partnered with Tabbedout to deliver the ideal mobile payment solution. Tabbedout makes mobile payments a simple and secure process, providing maximum convenience to your customers while increasing efficiency for your business.

How Does it Work

The free Tabbedout app for iPhone and Android allows patrons to open a check with their mobile phone, view their check in real-time and pay the check anytime, anywhere. Tabbedout’s mobile payment solution integrates seamlessly with your Harbortouch POS system and does not require additional hardware.

Periscope Loyalty Solution

Tabbedout’s built-in marketing solution, Periscope, enables you to offer an unparalleled guest experience. This powerful tool gives you a way to engage and connect with your customers, increasing loyalty and driving more visits to your location through targeted offers.

Merchant Benefits:

More Sales – Customers can pay when they’re ready, so your staff can serve more people, especially during peak hours.
More Customers – The app’s local search feature puts you in front of thousands of new customers.
More Loyalty – Access to customers’ order history and preferences mean your staff can provide a personalized guest experience, ensuring your customers keep coming back.
More Effective Marketing – Segment your customer base to engage who you want with a targeted offer sent directly to them, just for them. Track your sales and prove ROI with our analytics.
More Security – Tabbedout removes the exchange of the physical credit card. That means less PCI exposure, fewer cards left behind and no more “walked” checks.
More Tips – You are able to configure minimum and default tip percentages, ensuring your staff is taken care of monetarily.
More Control – Receive immediate, direct feedback from guests with the ability to respond personally and directly.